Dec 28 / Todd

JMUSB Pod Christmas Spectacular


So we waited a while to post and did minimal post-show hype because this show is such an audio nightmare. Both of our feeds are ahead of Nikki’s so it sounds like we’re reenforcing the patriarchy and talking over her all the time and, hysterically, like she is laughing a random things. And that’s all after we couldn’t even get our buddy Justin hooked in. Needless to say, huge thanks to Justin and Nikki for putting up with our incompetent behinds.

But really, who has the best team?

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  1. Mike in Ohio / Dec 30 2018

    Can we start talking now about how it is time to think about a new basketball coach? I have listened to the last 2 games. The team seems to have some good players but just does not play well in clutch times and some of the coaching decisions and strategies seem questionable. Does not seem as if the team will achieve much with the current coach. Obviously they won’t fire him mid-season but I don’t seem any reason to bring him back next year other than having to buy out his contract.

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