Oct 20 / Todd

Bye Week Special: Old Guys Leave

So as we all catch our breaths before loading up for the big game agains ODU next week and the stretch run after that, we wanted to get around to some to other stories around the JMU sports universe in our standard OGL roundup.  Also, if you haven’t already, check out the guest post from Wednesday from reader Sean Patrizzi.  He really has some great ideas about new traditions at JMU and the more Dukes who begin having this conversation, the more likely to build the grassroots support needed to get some of these moving.

In case you hadn’t noticed the Buffalo Bills big start (and judging by the attendance, you haven’t), former Duke Arthur Moats is killing it (and killing Mike Vick a couple weeks ago).  The Don’t Cross the Moats campaign is also making him a cult hero in upstate New York.  BuffaloRumblings

Hope Solo's future man?

Former JMU Soccer star CJ Sapong is the leading Candidate for MLS Rookie of the Year!  Seriously, this is kind of a big deal.  He’s also made a name for himself through his very public and hysterical crush on Hope Solo, but unlike the rest of us who share this crush, he is a goal-scoring stud for playoff-bound Sporting Kansas City and was Rookie of the Week last week thereby actually gaining her recognition and playing along.  Soccer By Ives

Speaking of Soccer, the current JMU men have been lighting it up.  They are currently ranked #21 in the nation and along with UVA and ODU seem likely to form a Virginia power bloc in the 48 team big dance coming soon.  JMU Sports

The CAA announced JMU’s new Veterans Memorial stadium (baseball at old Harrisonburg High site) will host the 2012 and 2013 CAA tournament.  Great news for the Diamond Dukes! (assuming JMU is still in the CAA in 2013)  JMU Sports

Oh yeah, and hoops has started!  JMU went silent with no real Midnight Madness style event this year after lots of Denzel Bowles/Dawn Evans hype the last couple of seasons (by the way, it’s impossible to think of two more opposite “leaders” then those two) but both teams are slightly under the radar with enormous potential this year.  The men’s team welcomes Wyoming transfer AJ Davis, who Coach Brady told us was the best player on the team by a mile when he had to sit out last season and was picked by the CAA Coach’s to finish 5th.  The women’s team will be led by returning all-around star Tarik Hislop and was picked 3rd.  Our first guess is the men outperform that expectation while the women will really have to fight to meet that without Evans.  I’d embed some ESPN3 video here if it weren’t that the CAA interview with Brady is so fantastic from CAA Media Day this past Tuesady.  Seriously, you have to click and watch Smokin’ Al Koken yakking it up with Brady and his piece.

Lastly, despite the Dukes being on bye this week, lots of important CAA action.  In a real rarity, we all need to pull for both William & Mary and Richmond this weekend as they host the two teams (Towson and Maine) JMU can’t catch without help.  Also, JMU’s two toughest opponents on paper (UNH and UMass) play each other in the televised rivalry game from the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium if you want to geek out and do some scouting with us.

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